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As a JV, earn up to $258+ per visitor that converts your customer's business into a well-oiled selling machine

Let your customers stop wasting valuable hours working on their website to sell their services


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Kickstart your customer's social media business faster than ever

Kickstart Social allows your customers to create dynamic and fast-growing businesses from specialized tools and software that might otherwise be in their hard drives collecting digital dust. Open new business opportunities for your customers using the variety of tools and software that's at their disposal.

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No Complicated Software and Easy Setup

Gone are the days when your customers need to download tons of accompanying software to make this work. We've worked it out and found an elegant solution where all your customer's need is to click on a button and it's setup. Call it magic or a of finely-crafted piece of art.

No complex installation procedures and everything can be setup in 60 seconds or less.

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Transform your customers' businesses forever

Sounds like a big task but look at it this way. If your customers thought that there was nothing else to do with the social media products that they have except to keep it in their hard drive for sentimental reasons and you give them a highly profitable idea, for sure they'll love you for it.

Social media agencies charge $5,000 to $7,000 per month, imagine how even a thin slice of that can change your customer's lives.

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